Prague Wi-Fi pass

Download the mobile application to be automatically connected to the biggest Wi-Fi in the Czech republic. You will also get information on travel destinations, events, and exclusive offers available for you.

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Safe Wi-Fi connection

The certainty that you are connected to a trusted and secure Wi-Fi network is priceless.
Leave behind all worries that someone is stealing data from your device via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

  • No passwords

    Wi-Fi passwords belong to the past. The app fixes everything for you. We neither require nor share any passwords.

  • No Data Limit

    Miia saves your mobile data limit. Use the unlimited internet connection.

  • Miia is everywhere

    Streets, restaurants, hotels, airports, shops, bus and train stations. Everywhere.

  • Exclusive offers

    Miia application is not only for Wi-Fi - You will get exclusive tourist information and vouchers right away when you need it.

Enjoy the internet,
not connecting to it

Miia connects you automatically.

Do you need to connect without a mobile app?
Use our one time connection to the network miia_info

You can connect to miia_info with any device, web browser, and operating system be it Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux or BlackBerry.

Thousands hotspots

The Miia Wi-Fi connection is independent of internet providers.
Miia saves your mobile 3G/LTE data and gives your children an unlimited internet connection. The internet providers are our partners.

Thank you! Miia is used by thousands of people every day.

Thank you that you pay attention to your and your family's cybersecurity.
A secured Wi-Fi is a worldwide standard.

  • Finally an app thanks to which I don't have to deal with the internet connection or ask for a password. I'm connected right away even at 4am.

    David S., USA

  • Apart from not having to fix my internet connection all the time, I appreciate information and recommendations of places where I can have fun with my friends in the evening.

    Victoria W., Canada

  • I chase the internet connection a lot on my travels - to let my family know that I'm OK. Finally, there's a worldwide Wi-Fi standard even in the Czech Republic.

    Glenn D., UK

Miia for Business

In restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and shops, stations and schools.

Miia will bring new customers to your business and will protect them from cyber-attacks. A secured Wi-Fi is a worldwide standard. Become a part of it as well!

It takes only 10 minutes to install Miia.
Contact us for more information.

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